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Published Research

If you want to read any of our published work but don't have access to paywalled journals, please just get in touch and we'll be happy to send you a copy! Use the form at the bottom of the page or email either of us at hello[at]


Gunn, R.L., Hartley, I.R., Algar, A.C., Nadiarti, N. & Keith, S.A.

Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology volume 76, Article number: 24

Price, B.

(originally published in Metamorphosis: Transformations Across Time and Literature, Glasgow School of Arts)

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Gunn, R., Benkwitt, C., Le Corre, M., Carr, P., Graham, N.

  • Removing invasive rats boosts seabird biomass on tropical islands

  • Seabird nutrients return to islands and coral reefs within 16 years of rat removal

  • Nutrients from seabirds extend >300 m from shore around rat-eradicated islands

  • Full recovery of nutrient subsidies and associated benefits had not yet occurred

Price, B.

Although movie cowboys are usually fighting for personal freedoms rather than any obvious party-aligned ideology, it’s hard to separate the popularity of stories of white men taking the law into their own hands from the social reality of the times. What better way of reassuring white people that their cultural and social dominance wasn’t going to be eroded than by giving them gun toting everyman heroes who they could admire and even emulate? (originally published on The Everyday Magazine)

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Juhel, J-B., Maire, E., Sucré, E., Cheutin, M-C., Marques, V., Benkwitt, C.E., Gunn, R.L., Richards, E. & Albouy, C.

(originally published in Foodwebs 2019)

Price, B.

Harmony and Hygiene in Menstruation in Modern China (2021)

The break from traditional gender control with access to modern sanitary products is evidence of a new, imported, patriarchy. And this one came with added colonialism. (originally published on Lady Science)

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